Amazon Prime Video App Reviews

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One of the best streaming apps

Need sakes

I really enjoy having this app. Its easy, user friendly, works well every time. My only criticism is that I have to go to my Roku or laptop to buy something to watch in my phone app. Why in the world would one make an app you can watch things on without including a feature where you can buy more things to watch without having to leave the app? Except for that, I wd recommend this app.

Great selection, but have to uninstall constantly to reclaim space on my phone

The interface and selection of shows/movies are fine, ie not better or worse than netflix. But once every two weeks I have to delete the damned app and reinstall it b/c its CONSTANTLY increasing in size, taking up much needed storage on my phone. Ive never had to do this w/ any other app. Its totally ridiculous. Something as simple as not hosing the users phone storage should be a fairly high priority for developers, and seems to be something that all other developers have under control. Chances this actually gets fixed = 0% -- YAY BIG CORPORATE!

Awesome App

Intuitive and easy to use. It has evolved leaps and bounds from the first app. Congrats to Amazon.

This App Takes You Where You Want to Be

Not only can you easily stream any program, but you can download many so youll always have something available on your device to watch if you should have no WiFi connection. Great example: Waiting in airport, waiting to take off, etc. Thanks for this!!

No chrome cast functionality

This app would be EPIC if it would work with google chrome cast. I understand amazon has a fire stick but to not have the option to cast to google chrome cast is ridiculous. Im a loyal prime user & this is stupid.

Works great

I love the app it works well even when just on data streaming. I plug it into my tv via phone and can watch on my big screen.

Poor User Interface and Bad Compatibility Across Devices

I rented an Amazon Prime Movie (X Men Apocalypse) using an Xbox. Began watching the movie immediately. Next day, logged in to Amazon Video app on my iPad. Movie was in my watch list, but it could not be played on my iPad. As a secondary attempt, I opened Safari on my iPad and logged in to my Amazon Prime account. Again, the movie was in my watch list, and in my previously viewed list, but I was unable to finish watching the movie. Amazon simply prompted me to rent/buy the movie AGAIN. Very disappointed with Amazon and Apple device support, and cross-platform login and playback of purchased content.

Great App

Works great every time. Excellence the selections... Its my number one go to... better than Netflix.

Apple 4th gen app

Ok. Still waiting for Amazon Prime to make app available for Apple TV 4 Gen. I like the price of your Showtime and HBO subscriptions, but wont renew this month, because its a hassle to have to use IPad and stream onto my TV through Apple TV. Much easier to just buy SHOWTIME and HBO NOW through ITunes. Also same problem with Prime movies and TV shows.... PLEASE MAKE APP AVAILABLE THROUGH APPLE TV Gen. 4

Good but lacking

I like the app because it allows me to watch the videos on my Apple device. Good selection of movies and the ability to download movies. I find it lacking because there is no Chromecast support. I know it is a business decision for them to not do it. Still it isnt going to make me buy the Amazon equivalent of the Chromecast.

Wonderful app

Easy to use, great variety of shows, entertainment in its best form.

Im going on Facebook to help me out

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Not great

Totally unimpressed that it only works with Apple TV and not chrome cast. There needs to be an app for Apple TV. As soon as I leave the room after casting a show from Amazon prime for my kids it disconnects. Chromecast didnt disconnect as soon as I got a phone call and my phone wasnt deemed unuseable while casting a video.

My new cable box!

With add on subscriptions my cable bill is around $20 a month!

Is it better than netflix??

Been wanting to try this app but not sure if it will be worth it?

Works Great

Ive been using this app for 2 months now with no negative remarks to give.

Chromecast connectivity

Great app, infos and content nicely displayed, however, a chromecast connectivity feature (as in Netflix app) would be more than welcome.

Good concept but way too slow

The concept is good but trying to scroll through movies or genres takes way too long. I think my old dialup service on my floppy drive computer was faster.

Netflix ugly cousin

There are a lot of things this app does well, and I love my Amazon prime account. However, it does not do the little things well for me, like remembering where I was in tv episodes or even what episode and season I am currently this a deal breaker? No. It is an inconvenience though.

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