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Freebox AirPlay

Thank you for this good app but please deploy the Airplay function to play movies on Freebox Player!!!

Cant change language.

The streaming version of Grand Tour works fine, the default language is English, and I can change it, if I want. But It uses a lot more internet data than the downloaded version. In the other hand, the downloaded version is in French, and I cant change it, regardless of the audio setup in the streaming version. Whats the point of a 7 days trial if I cant watch the show?

No subtitle filter

Useless... Cant filter content with subtitles or see if a content have subtitles or not. What a shame! I will stick with Netflix until these problems get fixed...


Cant toggle HD button, just poor quality makes it unwatchable

Downloads keep disappearing

Content for offline watching keeps dissapearing from the app. Please fix


The streaming quality is less than acceptable compare to Netflix. The second season of The Man in the High Castle not available in Canada even if its an Amazon Original. Really not impressed!

Works fine after changing settings to best quality

Not as huge as Netflix but nice to have some competition with its own originals.

Not a bad start

I was excited to hear that Amazon was finally going to offer Amazon Prime video in Canada. So I signed up for the 30 day Prime trial, downloaded the app to my iPad, and away I went. I havent had most of the technical problems mentioned by other reviewers; video quality is fine for my purposes, for example. I did watch the first episode of "Man in the High Castle" in French, not English as desired. But so far, the next episodes have played in the language I needed. However, I am disappointed in the content that is currently available: very little TV and a lot of older movies. Older is not necessarily bad, but at my age, Ive seen most of those movies that I wanted to - first- run, in the theatre. Ahem. Also, you would think that they would provide all seasons of more or most of their own TV programs. I am a long-time regular Amazon shopper, but have never subscribed to Prime because I didnt think the price was warranted for what was on offer in Canada. I still dont think so; their Prime video offerings in Canada will have to improve substantially, especially for TV. But I am willing to give them my financial support for a year to see if content improves. I would like them to succeed here; competition is a good thing.


Amazon student doesnt give you access to this for some god forsaken reason, even though it does in the US. Bad.

Needs the ability to use chromecast

There are not man movies

Very stable

Great app. Great selection.

No selection.

More like an inflight movie selection. Choose the bring a book option to this flight. Fail

Nice Perk to Prime!

Its good as a complement to Prime but not a Netflix replacement in Canada.

No chromecast support

Will rate better when their API is fixed

Good if you already had Prime

Small selection but decent quality. I wouldnt pay for it on its own though.

Streaming quality is unwatchable

The streaming quality on iOS (in Canada at least) is unbelievably bad... On the same internet connection, it works fine on my computer.

Terrible quality

Looks like 240p resolution even when turned to best. I have 163mb/s download.

No content.

The app works and the video quality is nice = 1 star They have The Grand Tour which is excellent = 1 star. Thats it. There is literally nothing else to talk about. There is no content on this app. It should not be available to the public. Clearly amazon built a netflix clone and forgot about the content.

No Chromecast Support?

The lack of chromecast support is disappointing, as I prefer to watch content on my television. Nice as an add-on to existing prime memberships, but not yet worth it on its own. Hopefully more content will be added sooner, rather than later.

Very bad quality

Dont watch, not worth the time. Very poor quality product. Team should actually sit down and see themselves before releasing the product into the market. 0 marks

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